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The Coate at Badbury Park Residents’ Group has been set up to communicate the collective views of residents regarding the Public Open Spaces on the development. 

To gauge resident’s views we occasionally hold surveys.

 If you would like to have your say then contact us at 

and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Thursday 15 March 2018

We have received an update from Royal Mail on the location of the proposed postbox, which can be seen on our Royal Mail Webpage.

Would residents who had snow in their loft please let us know if it's not been resolved?


13 March 2018

Following our Landscaping Meeting with the developer 

on 9 March 2018 work has already started on our points raised.

Landscaping Meeting 9 March 2018.pdf

Please see the full report under our Landscaping Page.

Swindon Borough Council - Coate at Badbury Park Drop-in Session 

If you did not attend the event here is a brief Résumé 


1.  Overall impressions of the event:

Overall it was a useful event. SBC should be congratulated for organising the event and being so open about what is
happening. It was good to see elective representatives, officers and staff of  SBC turning up for such an event, especially given that some of the issues are sensitive. 

2.   Individual contributors

2.1  Planning in Swindon

2.2. Detailed planning for Bradbury Park, including Highways and Transport was by far the most interesting and important stand. It enabled us to become better informed on:

     - The overall plan and future building, particularly at the Southern end of the development.

      - The development (or not) of the Business Park

      - Envisaged traffic flows down Biddestone or Homington Avenues

      - Provision of buses and suitability of roads for them. We learned that there are proposals beyond the No 12 service with up to 12 buses an hour passing through the estate.

2.3.  Proposed Junction 15 Works

The current Jun 15 plans were on show (still at an early stage) and the work will take place 2019 - 2021 to accommodate predicted traffic flows.

2.4.  The Blue Kite School 

We learned that the school is now unlikely to open until at least September 2020 and the status of the school and that it is anticipated there will be a two-form intake per year. This was an informative presentation.

2.5. Local Archaeology

 It was interesting that so much local archaeology has been unearthed. Raising awareness of this topic may generate interest and pride in the local area and could be very useful should plans emerge for any further extension of the development of Badbury Park. There may be a role for us as a group to help increase awareness of this subject.  

2.6.  Coate Water Park 

This presentation was all about eliciting views on the best way to use Section 106 monies and to enhance overall environment of the Park.

2.7.  Central South Swindon Parish Council

Our Parish Cllr Anthony Hawkins was on had to answer any questions and the Parish Clerk outline their role as the Central South Swindon Parish Council.

2.8  Coate at Badbury Park Working Group

We meet a number of residents and explained the role of the Residents Working Group and how to gain access to their Residents Website.

3. Common Themes to Emerge

It was clear that many of the plans take a long time to come to fruition and maybe some of the developers’ plans may never happen. We may be relieved that some plans do not happen but disappointed others might not happen. Past experience shows, whatever the end result, things will move very quickly following an apparent period of dormancy and the Coate at Badbury Park Residents Group, will need to be able to react quickly when the need arises.

Another issue that became apparent is there are a number of proposals relating to provision of buses and to traffic flows.   If we are to challenge these proposals we need to ensure that we have carried out the necessary research and surveys and that we have a solid backing from the majority of residents.



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